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Jeeves ERP in het nieuws

Wereldwijd wordt met regelmaat onderzoek gedaan naar de mogelijkheden van Jeeves ERP software ten opzichte van concurrerende ERP software. Onlangs schreef het Amerikaanse bureau Ultra consultants Inc. een recensie. Onderstaand de samenvattende tekst.

Jeeves ERP systems integrate seamlessly across multiple manufacturing styles to facilitate planning, decision-making, execution and measuring. In terms of the user experience, all application areas and functions have the same look and feel. We noted the interface was similar to what is available from other vendors like Epicor and Microsoft.  Data integration and real time tracking is key to users. Business information is updated dynamically as transactions occur, which helps companies improve decision making.

The Jeeves Universal product is suited to engineered-to-order, made-to-order, job shop and repetitive manufacturers, among other production environments where work order tracking and labor reporting are essential requirements.

Built on the IBM X Series platform, Jeeves uses the Microsoft SQL database structure and Microsoft technology stack


Noteworthy Feature, Functions

As we noted earlier, Jeeve’s navigation capabilities are similar to Epicor and Microsoft, with standard screen layouts and ease of use.

The system offered various capabilities that are noteworthy, including:

  • Tab Views:  It’s very easy for a user to set up new tabs to view key data that is important to them.  No programming or complex coding is needed for this ability.
  • Form Design:  Again, users will find it very easy to drag and drop form fields to build their own custom form.  There is no complex programming needed in custom forms development.
  • Search:  This was a particularly innovative feature.  Users can search within the system database far more easily and intuitively than other ERP products we’ve reviewed.  For instance, when a user displays a data table, they simply click on the fields to immediately search.  This “dynamic search” feature is helpful when drilling into data or tracking exceptions.
  • Integration with QlikView:  Jeeves offers a robust Business Intelligence capability which is fully integrated with QlikView, i a pre-packaged decision support system that compiles the transactions from the ERP system to clear and relevant information. Easy to read tables and charts offer an up to date overview of business operations within sales, purchasing, inventory, finance and manufacturing. With a simple mouse-click images can be filtered and angled to show different dimensions, and be broken down into detail to illustrate the different perspectives.  What’s key here is the flexibility. Jeeves Business Intelligence can be run either as an integrated part within the ERP system or separately in any web browser.
  • User-defined portals:  Ease of use is again a plus here.  I viewed a dashboard that was a Mashup of sales reports,  work list, queues, and other relevant data reports.  It’s a simple matter to pull in outside third party widgets into an end user’s desktop as needed
  • Field Service:  Managing service out in the field is a real strength of Jeeves, which is helpful to service companies and others.

We were also shown Jeeves’ Warehouse Management System integration, their “light” PLM compatibility, a comprehensive CRM toolset, and as one would expect from global vendor, multi-language, multi-company, and multi-currency feature sets.

We felt pricing and ERP implementation fees were within the range of fees charged by typical tier two ERP vendors.

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